Monday, May 08, 2006

Kent's future niche bar

With the opening of a hookah bar in Kent, it has been proven that niche businesses can succeed in the downtown area. Anything other than beer and pizza is considered growth in my book. As such, I'm going to let my idea for a niche business out of the bag.

Concept: Cereal bar
Name: Cerealism

Yes, it's a cereal bar. Classy, huh? Upon hearing the idea, my roommate Ted came up with the idea of asking our artsy friends to conjure us some surrealist art to display on the walls, things like cereal bowls melting off cliffs, bent spoons, that sort of thing. I'm picturing bins full of different trappings of cereal lore: bran flakes, corn flakes, oats, marshmellows, etc., etc. A customer can add his or her choice of fresh fruit. There will also be a selection of organic milks on hand.

My friend Amy also came up with the name of our main dish: the Cereal Killer. That one's going to put us on the map.

"Why does this bowl of cereal have razor blades in it?"
"Duh, because it's the Cereal Killer."

The floorplan will be designed with lounging in mind, with couches, breakfast nooks, and the like. Comfort is paramount in dealing with grains.

Recently the idea has been tossed around for joining my Cerealism with a milk bar. Hmm. Cereal bar and milk bar conjoined? Seems like it would be a natural birth to me.

With the pending revitalization of downtown Kent, I feel that a store such as mine would thrive. Some day, Kent, some day.