Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Old Man, He Still Got It

Sometimes, my old man show me how
he still got it. Man need a faucet, broken part,
calls the faucet maker, a man of the people,
my old man, say that he need a part
get me that part for free, he say, what
can you do? My wife, he say to the man
on the phone, don't want this faucet.
She tell me to get a new one, and now it's
broken. How can I tell my wife that I'm about
to spend money to fix a faucet
she don't even want? So what
can you do? he ask. So the man put my
old man on hold, the man talk to his
superior and gets the okay, with
a condition: my old man, he pay
the shipping. Do you have
a problem with that? the man
ask of my old man. Why would I?
my old man say back. My old man tell
the man that he would consider a faucet
a faucet a faucet one he would buy even
if he didn't get parts for free because of
his wife which was a lie. His wife is not
a lie but the faucet is a faucet is a lie.

And we talk more these days, and I ask
him for advice more these days for I am
in a crisis of customer service and I am
in my job like he is in his job and sometimes
I just need to hear from my old man that
I am okay in all of that and that he is okay
with that and with me and I am okay with
him for the sake of advice and being the man
on the phone with my old man rather than
being just the man on the phone.

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