Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Contest Entry

Controlling idea: Tell us what you are most excited about this Black Friday. (250 words or less)

My heavily-insulated back leans against cold precast concrete. I am in competition and in cahoots with the dozens of shivering souls that surround me. Together, we are a force with which to be reckoned. But at the same, we remain a force of good. We sacrifice a day of rest for a frigid, impossibly-early awakening to stretch our legs and stretch our budgets, to try to provide the best holiday for our loved ones. I bond with perfect strangers over hot coffees and Pop Tarts, hoping that I can wrangle my purchases quickly and retreat to the warmth of my bed by mid-morning. I hope that my newfound friends can do the same.

* * *

In keeping with said controlling idea, possible Black Friday Brunchy(TM) at either my place or KateSpace's (Kate'sSpace?). Get in line early folks -- Thed's making pancakes!

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Let's Work With Orphans said...

Black Friday? I don't need that.