Saturday, November 21, 2009

Editor's note

I realize I have fallen behind on my posting this week. I took a business trip to Albuquerque (no wrong turns, fortunately) and ended up working some long days. I spent a lot of time traveling and without regular access to the Internet, nor any energy to get something up here.

I do have some posts lined up and I will try to back-log them over the course of the weekend. So, check back often, friends.


theodore said...

Personally, I'd rather see you post once or twice a week, then try to something everyday for a month, then not really do anything for the rest of the year.

Although, as an exercise, blogging month is probably a good challenge to force yourself to write.

deBiase said...

That's the plan Ted. I learned from last year that trying for a mad grab of new, thick, work just left me exhausted by the end. This year, I went at it more as an exercise.

So hopefully, I can get back into a steady rhythm of posting following this month. Sans beard.