Thursday, November 05, 2009

In a Nutshell

Tonight I rescued a stolen bike that belongs to my friend Abe.

Thed and I saw some kid riding it up Detroit as we were leaving the Happy Dog.

Unmistakable: sky blue Schwinn Madison with a dowel rod for handlebar.

And the helmet -- Abe's helmet: stark black with no decals -- hanging from those handlebars.

We followed, down to 65th and then a right.

The kid stopping at a house.

Side door opens and the bike begins to disappear.

A confrontation, brief, not particularly heated.

A walk then an exchange.

The bike is returned.

Thed and I walk back with three bikes.

Now I own Abe's bike.

In a nutshell.

---------story to follow---------

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Let's Work With Orphans said...

Wow. So I guess that's why you didn't call me. Congratulations on getting a new bike.