Sunday, November 08, 2009

VIDEO: Cleveland 3.1

The following video was initially presented at last February's Pecha Kucha Night Cleveland, held at the House of Blues. Thed Ferringer and I (acting as fictitious urban design consortium FABNEO) collaborated to produce this satirical solution for all of Cleveland's problems.

Thed and I have not gotten together to present this since the initial Pecha Kucha Night. This is the first time that the content has been replicated in a complete format. To the best of my knowledge, a
full recording from P-K Night does not exist. My lady friend Alex did capture a significant chunk of the P-K presentation, which may be added to YouTube at some point in the near future. Though the version below provides a great example of the Cleveland 3.1 plan, it maybe lacks the immediacy, desperation and hilarity of P-K night.

If anyone out there has a full recording from that night, please reach out to me or Thed.

Thanks and enjoy.


Charles said...

The most persuasive argument in this presentation is "moisture." It is a threat, and a threat that the Democrats are doing little to nothing about. Noble Peace prize? A Noble Peace prize is awarded when there is such an important issue facing this country and world as "moisture" that goes neglected on capital hill!

MikeS said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Sure it's not as good as the presentation, but it's still better than nothing!