Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My day today.

Today I got up
I went to school
I <3 school
I did good
I made a new friend on the bus
Not really
I didnt really talk to nobody
Except my classmates
About school stuff
Because I <3 school
Some of my classmates
Hung out after class
But they didnt ask me but
Thats ok because I
Wouldnt go anyway
Because its not school
But then I went home
And watched the news
And thought about school
And read us weekly
And went to sleep and
Had a dream about britney
Spears and mitt romney doing
High kicks on water skees
Being pulled by a fleet
Of apache helicopters
Over the northwest coast
Of the persian gulf
Over the battleships and oil rigs
Lifting up and up and up
Through the air
Over kuwait and further and further
And further inland over babies and
Ruins and mosques and terrorist
Camps and derricks and stuff and they
Landed in a castle for saddams
Son udi and they met brittneys kids there
And they lived there on top of a big pile of $$$$
And ate good food like camel and tabouli
And watched good tv like oprah and big brother 18
And mittney got a big article in us weekly
And everyone was real happy
And they had the most friends on facebook
And I was 1 of them


Charles said...

Today I was So Happy, So I Made This Poem, By James Wright

As the plump squirrel scampers
Across the roof of the corncrib,
The moon suddenly stands up in the darkness,
And I see that it is impossible to die.
Each moment of time is a mountain.
An eagle rejoices in the oak trees of heaven,
This is what I wanted.

Geoffrey Bigler said...

that poem is great.

theodore said...

you may finally defeat the famous 'mid-February slump' once and for all.