Sunday, November 01, 2009

About a Blog

or Meta Blog

Friends, it is again that time of year. November, National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo, for brevity's sake), affords 30 days of unrestrained creativity. I look forward to sharing some ideas with you folks.

-- Is this still a blog? you may ask.

-- Why, yes, in fact, it is.


A blog.

-- Well then, you continue, what have you been up to these last 11 months?

Much pondering and contemplation. Complaining and offering support, often in one breath.

Creatively, I have participated in 2 Pecha Kucha nights (one with frequent collaborator Thed Ferringer; one solo) to resounding success[citation needed] on both occasions.

Just last weekend, I offered a submission for POST's All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Architectural Ideas.

An older story of mine, once featured on this blog, was published in Picayune: the Literary Journal of New Mexico Highlands University.

Through it all, I maintained my subscription to McSweeney's and A Public Space. So much creativity, so little time.

In reality though -- and let me be frank here -- I was far less productive than I would have liked. I'm hoping as always to milk NaBloPoMo to death, and continue with that productivity into December and beyond.

As such, allow me to skip over November and outline some plans for post-NaBloPoMo.

  • Charles Parsons and I are collaborators once more:
  • I'm hoping to get on the Editorial staff at POST Architecture Journal.
  • Generally become active in more NEO Arts-related events.
  • Get more into social networking.

-- Well that's all well and good, you say, but what of this month? It is the whole reason I am visiting NOMENCLATURE, after all.

I would say that you will just have to stay tuned, friend. I am not at liberty to discuss my trajectory this month. You will just have to unplug the GPS and follow me along.

-- Ugh, you say.


Okay, you're on.

Feeling bad, I offer a sneak preview of the month:

  • "I don't need that"
  • Night Snow in the Cultural Gardens
  • On Urban Exploration
  • Androidgyny: Act IV
  • Cleveland 3.1
  • The Postmodern Experience: RELOADED
  • How To Survive a Car Wreck - Pecha Kucha Presentation
  • Several RTA-directed diatribes
  • A delicious recipe for saurbraten, courtesy of Grandma deBiase

And of course National Beard Growing Month, with updates coming every Friday.

For starters:

Thanks friends. See you all tomorrow.


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I don't need that!

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I don't need that!

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